You’ve certainly seen promoted pages and posts more than ever on Facebook. With pay-per-click advertising becoming more and more competitive and expensive, many business owners and advertisers are turning more to Facebook. This is because Facebook gives advertisers the ability to closely target their intended audience more than any other kind of pay-per-click advertising.

Everything Starts with a Facebook Page

Many people have set up Facebook pages and some have gained plenty of fans (followers) over time. But to be greatly successful on Facebook, promoting posts and creating ads for your page to target new potential fans is extremely important. Keeping your Facebook fan page regularly updated with plenty of pictures and videos is a great way to keep people engaged. The more than visitors engage with your page, the more that Facebook will reward you by showing your posts more often in fans’ feeds.

Highly Targeted Audiences and Conversion Tracking

Targeting in Facebook is extremely customizable. You can even import existing customers’ contact info to target people who already know you. There’s also a feature called Lookalike Audiences which finds Facebook users who share certain traits (location, age, gender, interests, etc.) with the aforementioned current customers.

Facebook for Business also offers conversion tracking for Facebook ads, which help you to track an ad’s success.Plus, by including a snippet of code on your website, you can remarket to visitors when they next visit Facebook.

What Makes a Strong Facebook Ad?

Facebook suggests that you make your ad text “short, clear, and catchy.” Not only does your message have to fit in a limited space, but like all good marketing messages, it should have a call to action. Facebook allows you to add a call-to-action button so that the call-to-action doesn’t even have to be part of the text. Currently, it offers five options: Shop Now, Book Now, Learn More, Sign Up, and Download.

Facebook also offers the ability to add up to 6 different pictures to display with your ad. One of those 6 will appear at random with your ad. Helpfully, Facebook allows you to track which pictures have the most success. If you’re short on photos, Facebook has a deal with Shutterstock to provide free professional-looking images.

Every Facebook ad is reviewed and must be approved by staff before it displays. It usually takes up to 24 hours, but according to Facebook, most are approved much more quickly than that.

How Much Does Facebook for Business Cost?

Even with its ability to target potential customers very closely, Facebook advertising is based on clicks to your website and new likes on your Facebook page from the ads. Facebook allows you to set budgets, so you can spend a minimal amount for very targeted exposure.

As far as cost-effectiveness is concerned, promoted posts seem to be the best option. Promoting your page to get likes with an ad can be a good thing for a developing page, but it can get expensive per like. Clicks to your website are probably the better bet when it comes to Facebook ads versus promoting your fan page in order to get more likes. You can put a “Facebook Like” button on your website to grow your following free of charge. You can find the Like Button for Web here.

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