You can ignore it… but Is your website ready for 2019?

When making the decision to follow trends for 2019 or just keep things the way they are you have to ask yourself is your website and expense or critical sales tool? You’re always reading these new fancy marketing articles telling you to have bells and whistles in order to attract customers away from your competitors.

But what’s the real deal what should website owners in our opinion be thinking about in 2019? Have you ever heard the phrase “the more things change the more they stay the same”?

I think website trends for 2019 will be similar.  we’ll talk about the basics you should always be thinking about any website as well as some True Trends will see for 2019. In 2018 – Users ruled – and in 2019 It will be even truer. My prediction: the biggest trend is having your website actualy match your business and it’s current operations. Read on for more details.


Review Your Current Operations.

Do your services and team accurately reflect your website when someone goes to your website are they seen was actually happening in your business?

Have your services changed

Have you made any changes in your staff or team

Have you changed office locations your hours of operations?

Pricing or menu changes?

Do you offer gift certificates or any online payments now

Has your interest introduce any new jargon or language which should be reflected on your website?

Do you have any new reviews that could help new visitors learn what other say about your business

What are your competitors up to have they updated their website what things can you learn from them?


Evaluate how your website is being used

Once you review your current operations it’s time to look at your website and see how it being used are people going to the pages you want them to read how long are they staying there are they coming back what are the age or other demographic features of the people coming to your site. Once you take a look at this you can evaluate underperforming areas of your site and make changes to get more response to those areas of the site


Agreed free tool to help look at how your website being use is Google Analytics Google analytics can be a beast and itself there are some easy ways to get some basic data and there are a lot of options to hire professionals to help you review what’s going on with your website.


in addition to Google analytics there are great tools called heat Maps one tool that we love it when a teen group is mouse flow it will record up to 100 sessions of users coming to your website will tell you how far they scroll down the page what they’re clicking on and what they’re reading this is a great tool website owners should be thinking about every so often.


If you’re engaging an SEO actions another obvious choice would be the Google search console in Google my business those tools also provide valuable insights on how visitors are coming to your website through search and through your Google Business Listing.


Revamp Your Website

Now that you’ve made a clear path on what your business is doing and looked at how your web sites being used it’s time to close those gaps with revamping both content photos and potentially the structure of your website.  best thing to do is to start with a Content planner make a list of the pages you want to change an outline the content in sections that you want on that page once you’ve decided on the main concepts of that page you can write the text and import the photos which you desire.


While you’re editing the content,  it’s also advisable to take a look at the colors and icons reviews on the website if your website is more than 2 years old you want to take a look at it and make sure it’s still fresh and inviting in with today’s times if you want to be viewed as a current business.  we revamp our own website at 1:18 group every 12 to 18 months. although this is expected of us we worked very hard in our business and it’s constantly changing we need a website to reflect those changes.

What are some common elements we see ineffective websites?

people are busy reading can sometimes be a luxury your website needs to be cleanly organized with the pages very easily found through your top menu.


A lot of people are mobile now over 60% you have to make sure any features on your website or available on mobile or you’re giving mobile users some way to contact you or alternative method to get that content.


Think about your overall design are the headings a pleasant color are they spaced evenly from photos and other text or is it just a blob help people pull out quick and meaningful Concepts as they scroll through the page only use professional photography and make sure there are no copyright strings attached or you can find yourself with a major legal issue issue.


How about the colors on your website do they accurately reflect does the website look a little could use some freshening up?


Is it easy for people to contact you we’ve been talking about this for years but are there buttons in strategic places to get people to contact you?  have you considered installing live chat? is your phone number and location easily found for people who may be mobile or driving and just need a quick answer?



In 2019 your website should load in under 4 seconds.  your website photos and content should be optimized so that it is also under 3 to 4 megabytes.  mobile traffic is reaching an all-time high in those users are not going to click on additional pages on your website if it’s loading slow.


Your website absolutely has to have an SSL certificate and get that green padlock at the top of the page. Do you have a WordPress site and or do you have your own a hosting account?  you need to make sure you have a professional keeping an eye on it or you yourself are employing tools and practices would keep your website patched and updated just because your system has locked and password doesn’t mean someone can’t break in.  the analogy I use is you can park your car under a streetlight and lock the doors but someone can still break-in and do damage.

Website Design Trends for 2019

Website Design Trends for 2019

Tying it all together

Indeed for some people a website is an expense for others it’s a critical sales tool that can make or break a sale even companies which rely heavily on referrals can lose sales if a referral comes to a website and they see something they don’t like you have to remember today’s consumer has a lot of options they’re busy and distracted and we need to give them a great streamlined experience.