If your marketing people aren’t working on the same team, how can you ensure that your company vision and marketing goals will be understood by all? The last thing you need is for there to be confusion and disharmony among three marketing aspects that must be in harmony for true marketing success. Plus, streamlining your efforts can go a long way to saving you time and money, as well.

Marketing is usually best done in a team environment. 

Would you go to one place to wash your clothes, another to dry them, and another to have them folded? What if the dryers aren’t being effective one day? What if someone folds your clothes all wrong? First of all, having your laundry done in three separate places doesn’t make a lot of sense. That’s what it’s like having different firms handle content marketing, social media, and web development separately.

While it’s perfectly fine to have different individuals assigned to different aspects of marketing, it tends to work best when it’s all under one roof. Having a dedicated team working for your business is much better than hiring out different pieces. Even if you’re giving the same goals to three different companies, each company may interpret them differently. While this will happen on the individual level as well, if they’re all on the same team with one firm, less confusion and more distinct understanding of your company’s plans will occur.


Keeping the “Big Picture” in Mind

That being said, having two or three (or more) different companies in mind makes what can already be a difficult marketing puzzle into a nightmare. Different firms approach marketing differently, and even if the end results may be similar, things may not line up. You might have social media pros doing a great job but your content or website is providing a slightly different message than your other marketing aspects. Or worse, one team or another may not be keeping up with the schedule of the others.

If your marketing teams aren’t all on the same page, inconsistency (or worse) could drag down your marketing. You may even get to the point where a firm may end up taking a the blame for miscommunication or working on a different schedule than the others. Having one firm handle all will eliminate any miscommunication due to using multiple marketing vendors. It also keeps the “big picture,” your overall marketing vision, in focus.


Save Time and Money Having it “Under One Roof”

The number one reason to use only one firm for your content, social media, and website is the overall reduced cost. Not only are you usually looking at package-type deals, but you’re also spending less time having to communicate with multiple firms. Even if you manage to keep everyone on the same page, that’s extra time coordinating and more man-hours spent overall on marketing. Keeping it under one roof keeps processes streamlined and the marketing strategy and messages clear. Best of all, you’re saving time and energy and possibly a good deal of monetary cost by combining everything. Clearly, there are so many advantages to hiring one marketing firm to do it all.