What is image optimization?

Adding pictures to your WordPress website is something you absolutely need to do. Without pictures you may get people to your website, but they’re definitely going to be put off by the long articles without breaks. But there are several factors still to consider when you decide to put pictures in, including the sizes, types of pictures and the amount too. Read more

Websites on the internet is a living and breathing entity. For every update you make when live, plays a major role in interacting with customers, visitors and search engine. Web sites that do not have updates are viewed as dead entities by the search engine and they have nothing new they can offer. Read more

A variety of factors affect your website conversion goals. One factor that is often overlooked is website loading times. You will need to understand the role load times play and take measures to reduce them. Read more

Some website administrators may have noticed referral traffic from some unusual websites. Most of the time, they will have absolutely nothing to do with what the website is about. It may appear puzzling at first, but this is sadly the result of something that has unfortunately been plaguing many websites across the internet. This unusual source of traffic is known as spam referral traffic. Read more

Your website is perhaps the most important marketing tool in your arsenal. It’s crucial to make sure that it’s updated regularly, not only for the search engines, but to encourage repeat visitors. Think of your website as your “home base” for your marketing plan, as any advertising you do will undoubtedly link back to it. Here, we will discuss some things to ensure that your website is doing the most work that it can for you. Read more