You may have heard of social bookmarking before, especially in terms of helping your website’s SEO. Bookmarking links is a helpful way to save content you want to keep around for reference later. But, it also can create links others can then follow, too. How can popular social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, and others help with Cape Cod SEO?

The first thing to remember about any sort of social site is that you don’t just want to submit every single link you create. This goes against the terms and condition of most, if not all, social bookmarking websites. You’ll want to find links related to your business, which are non-competitors, that will help you build credibility on your social bookmarking profile. Then, people will be more likely to click your links, too, since it’s clear that you’re not just sharing your own content for just your benefit.

When trying to decide what social bookmarking site to focus on, you may want to check out the various categories that you would consider bookmarking your business’ content under. Some topics are more popular than others depending on the site. If the topics surrounding your business are not ones that are commonly bookmarked on a particular social bookmarking site, it will not do you much good to simply post links there. Keep in mind there is such a thing as having irrelevant links pointing to your content.

If you do find that there’s plenty of content being shared around topics relevant to your business, then it’s fine once in awhile to post a link to your blog or any other helpful content you might have to share. There are several different approaches when it comes to social bookmarking best practices, but as a rule you should be sharing many other links before your own. It’s an especially good idea to share links already posted by other users. Establishing a presence on the site first is a good idea before you just go ahead and posting every link of yours that you can find.

Keep in mind that most social bookmarking sites have “no-follow” tags on their links. This means that search engines such as Google and Bing don’t actually give these links much credit in establishing authority for your website. However, these social bookmarking links can accumulate many clicks over time. Sometimes your share will go “viral” and get several thousand views at once. So while you may not rank higher in organic search by social bookmarking, you may find that your content becomes popular on some bookmarking sites.

One of the main arguments against this strategy is that it can greatly increase your website’s bounce rate, meaning the number of people who only visit one page on your website. However, it’s easy enough to use a program such as Google Analytics to filter out traffic from specific social sites. Be mindful of how long the average visits are. If you’re finding that you’re only getting visits of a few seconds, then perhaps you should just consider a different site and refrain from using the ones that aren’t helping you at all.

When optimizing your Cape Cod SEO, social bookmarking can be a very useful tool. But keep in mind that it’s not a good idea to simply create links for the sake of creating links. Be sure that your content is highly relevant to the available categories and tags available on each site. Some content will do better than others. On social bookmarking sites, evergreen content, that is, content that will be useful for years to come, is the best type to share. Who knows, you could end up having some piece of content that gets tens or even hundreds of thousands of views and gets you never before anticipated traffic. Just take your time with it and weigh the results carefully when seeing what the links actually do for you.