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Hey [location]! Forget about cookie cutter web design – because your website visitors will. Do you want website visitors to become customers? Effective web design starts with a meaningful exchange of ideas between Internet experts and Website owners. 118GROUP has completed over 400 WordPress Web Design projects. We’re eager to earn your 5 star review!


You work directly with company principals who lead a team of long term professionals. We have a personal stake in your success and our Web Design team is on-call
24/7/365 for technical emergencies.

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Business moves fast and you need a well-rounded expert to quickly make changes or answer questions. BONUS: No call queues or being on hold for 20 minutes! Simply call or email our team and expect a reasonable response.


Our offices are located in New England, but our dedicated team of web designers and web developers have global experience with every Industry type and from Small Business to Non-Profits to Large Corporations.

WordPress Designs Driven to Convert Visitors Into Customers

A website with effective fonts, colors, spacing, and well thought out layouts makes a big difference to your audience. We build websites that are engaging, professional, and incorporate all best practices in all of our web designs.

Less is More
When customers find the simple things are looking for, they are more likely to use your products or services.

Highlight your strengths
Are you demonstrating Market Leadership? We don’t cram your homepage with content.

Pleasing to the Eye
High-quality animated graphic elements, photography, and video make your organization stand out.

Need to make changes? No Problem!

Many websites become out of date because owners and managers are not editing the content themselves. With our web designs, you can easily manage, update, and edit the content on your website without using a single line of code. No time? No problem. We are available to turn around web design changes within 1-2 business days.

Streamlined Project Process

Our goal is to blend the World’s “best practices” with the personality of your business. This requires a meaningful exchange of content, ideas, and feedback. This process can be challenging if not managed.

Our system guides you through the entire project and helps make sure we are staying on track.

Team 118 group rebuilt our website, they were very thorough through the whole process. Their communication was on point and they worked closely with us to create a beautiful new site. Highly recommend!

Jared Grier – Cape Cod Heat Pumps

Why [location] Organizations hire 118GROUP for their Web Design Needs.

3 Full-Time Partners

30+ 5 Star Google Reviews

25+ Years of Experience

600 hours Yearly Education

100% Committed To Your Project

400+ Websites Launched

Finding the Right Web Design Company

We know the challenge website owners face today when choosing a company for their ongoing web design needs. There are dozens of web design platforms and hundreds of web design companies nationally who may have differing ideas on how their structure their services and fee structure.

At 118GROUP, we have followed the fads of web design platforms since 1993. We’ve seen platforms come and go. We were late adopters of WordPress, but it is clear to us it has become the platform of choice and is not going anywhere in the near future. WordPress let’s designers rapidly develop great websites, but is always advancing with new technology. It is free and open to the World, and we believe it is here to stay.

Web Design Firm Types

First off, these buckets are based on our 25+ years of experience and customer feedback by over 400 customers. We can never know the trust cost of a poorly designed website, so putting our best foot forward is paramount.

The Freelancer will typically be your most UP-FRONT cost-effective solution. They will tend to lean toward an “order taker” and dismiss the larger picture and just focus on tasks. Freelancers tend to be very busy and turnaround times can vary. If they do not have a writer, a quality control tester, or a graphic designer, you are likely to get a mediocre website containing errors. Freelancers will typically make their clients provide and maintain their own web hosting. Many freelancers may opt for the easier platforms such as Wix, GoDaddy, or Squarespace. The systems are simple and great, but lack imagination and in the long term, do not grow with goal-driven organizations.

WordPress Websites self-hosted by companies or freelancers are eventually in major trouble with hackers or break-fix issues. If the freelancer does not make time (at least 10-15 hours per week) in continuing education, your site is likely to be sub-quality compared to those who spend time experimenting with new services and reading to further their knowledge of web design.

The Boutique Agency will be your next most cost-effective solution (THAT’S 118GROUP). Boutique Agencies typically have 2 or more members and focus on helping your organization stand out while offering a step up in customer service and overall knowledge. This is due to the simple fact today’s best websites require a variety of skillsets and it’s unrealistic for 1 person to possess all of these skills. They should be able to assist with a more collaborative approach to building the website, better graphics, writing capabilities, and better overall turn around times.

The Full Blown Marketing Agency will be your highest cost solution. Agencies typically have extended teams which also specialize in branding, marketing, and other advertising disciplines. We have seen issues with Agencies mostly being there is a revolving door of employees, and some of the employees are great Marketers, but they don’t “get WordPress Web Design”. If they do not have technical folks in-house – that is a warning sign to look for another Agency.

The Offshore Agency can be in any of these categories. In our experience, the calls we receive from previous companies who have used off-shore are concerned about quality issues. An understanding of culture is also a challenge for off-shore companies. If they have not lived in your Geography and cannot identify with your needs, they are likely to make mistakes in their overall design and delivery of a web project. Lastly, BE VERY CAREFUL of offshoring with any company who blindly emails you. This has been a major issue for clients in the past. Run.

Our Advice

Find a WordPress Design Company you trust. Compile a list of important initiatives your website visitors should know about. Call or contact a few firms, ask questions, and see who feels like they will be a good fit for your firm. Don’t know what to ask? Check out our blog post Questions to Ask your Web Designer in an Interview.