With cold calls, oftentimes, you may as well call a penguin!

Years ago, “cold calls” were an important part of the sales funnel. Yes, many of them did not convert, but some did. Still, even then, referrals were powerful, and they are even more powerful today. With how easy it is to share recommendations social media and the internet, referrals often come with some knowledge of your products and services already. In fact, with so many consumers doing research on various businesses, it’s possible that a positive review or link from someone who is promoting your work can be a referral that you don’t even have to go out and get yourself.

Satisfied customers are the best makers of referrals. Therefore, it’s important to make not only satisfied customers, but highly satisfied customers. It’s been said before, but it’s even more important to have your best customers leave positive reviews for you on the major review sites such as Yelp, Google Maps, and Yahoo Local. These are the ones that search engines like Google index the most for their local recommendations and for reviews in general. It’s important to have these honest legitimate reviews out there for people to find, because they can make you business.

Word of mouth still is the best kind of marketing…

The problem with cold calls is that they can involve a lot of your time. Some cold calls are more promising than others, but knowing that you have someone coming to you already to specifically buy from you is much better. You can then focus your energy on converting those referrals that you nurtured simply through being the best you can be into new sales. The hope is that through this referral system that you’ll reach a sort of “critical mass” to take your business to new levels.

While cold calls still exist, especially in some B2B industries where reviews are not nearly as common as B2C services (although many B2B companies still garner a good deal of reviews), word of mouth referrals are still extremely powerful as they always have been. Also, more and more, cold calls are being picked up less and less as people are busier than ever. What time people do have tends to be spent on doing online research. So make sure that you can be found, and that when you do, that you look as good as possible.

Why having a CRM is so vital to success…

With an 118Group responsive design website, you also have included our state-of-the-art CRM, which includes a contact management system unlike any other. As soon as someone visits your website and contacts you for more information, they are automatically entered into the system. With our inbound marketing program, we will help you to write top-notch quality content that will be included in weekly or monthly newsletters that will be sent out to all of these contacts. The hope is that your contacts will read this great content, and when they are ready to purchase, they’ll be far more likely to purchase from you first!

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