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3 Reasons To Improve Load Times

A variety of factors affect your website conversion goals. One factor that is often overlooked is website loading times. You will need to understand the role load times play and take measures to reduce them.

Importance of Loading Times

Why are loading times so important? Here are a few benefits every should be aware of.

1) Decrease Website Bounce Rate

According to study from 2014, the average website loading time was 6.5 seconds. However, this appears to be far too slow for modern Internet users.

A recent infographic from KissMetric found that high loading times significantly increased website bounce rates. Nearly 25% of visitors will leave a website that takes at least two seconds to load. Approximately 40% of visitors will leave a site that takes 10 seconds to load.

Obviously, a high bounce rate is the single biggest factor that can kill conversions. You can’t possibly convert a customer that leaves your site before it even loads.

2) Improve SEO Rankings

Google has always rewarded websites with higher loading speeds. They always rank sites higher for providing a good user experience. Also, search engine crawlers can access sites more easily if they load faster. Here is a quote from the Google Webmaster blog in 2011 that backs this up.

At Google, we’re striving to make the whole web fast. As part of that effort, we’re launching a new web-based tool in Google Labs, Page Speed Online, which analyzes the performance of web pages and gives specific suggestions for making them faster. Page Speed Online is available from any browser, at any time. This allows website owners to get immediate access to Page Speed performance suggestions so they can make their pages faster.

Loading times will likely be an even more important factor in the coming years, as Google further prioritizes user experience.

3) Improve Customer Experience

A high bounce rate isn’t the only drawback of a poor loading time. Even customers that remain on your site may hold it against you. They will have a poor perception of your brand and may leave your site before visiting any of your key landing pages.