Earlier this year (2016) a colleague I very much respected ( Jane Renzi ) recommended I join the Cape Cod Young Professionals or CCYP. I have been involved in many organizations in the past, and I find I just want to immerse myself within said organization and I tend to not be able to give as much as I would like. The CCYP has a dynamic member level structure each with it’s own benefits. I chose a professional membership which would give 118Group a member listing and link to our website as well as a “member perk”. A member perk is something a member can offer to other CCYP members.

I quickly decided that our perk would be a “118Group Company Website, Social Media and Trust Factor Audit” – a 40+ point inspection of your website and overall online trust factor which can help you land more business from the visitors organizations are already receiving. That’s the selfish / self preserving reason why 118Group joined. What’s more important, are the great things this organization does, and how they and it’s members can help shape the future of Cape Cod.

CCYP is a membership program for young professionals that is committed to ensuring members connect, grow and succeed in their careers while helping the community of Cape Cod flourish. It was founded in November 2005 by Michael Robinson of Rogers, Gray Insurance and Gary Sheehan of Cape Medical Supply to provide opportunities for young professionals in Cape Cod to advance their career development and personal growth through a variety of social networking, volunteer activities and educational events. These founders were inspired by the fact that the creation of a young professionals’ network would be a major investment in the future of Cape Cod. With a membership of over 450 individuals, participants come together to share the vision for the community.


Membership Benefits
CCYP is a place for like-minded young professionals to connect with peers and mentors and help them create a sustainable quality of life in Cape Cod. Membership to CCYP will provide you with community-based resources to:

  • Form valuable connections with entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals
  • Develop leadership skills through community leadership
  • Encourage creation of inspiring entrepreneurship ideas
  • Engage members in local government
  • Inspire confidence and real experience through networking and exchange of ideas
  • Gain support and encouragement from peers


CCYP Strategic Goals
Increased business and social relationships with other members
CCYP fosters an environment that engages the members, sponsors, non-profit organizations and other community resources for actual professional development. We help our members develop quality networking relationships by providing opportunities where members can build strategic partnerships and collaborations and impact the community.

Create and develop professional and leadership skills for young professionals
We work hard to provide diverse opportunities for educational, mentorship and professional development to promote the skills of our workforce. We encourage our young professionals to enhance their leadership skills, exchange ideas and learn more about Cape Cod’s business community as a way of engaging in the community’s future.

Engage young professionals in civic engagement
The young professionals are the future of our community, and it’s important to involve them in civic matters even as the workforce generations change. CCYP advocates for positions that engage the members to be more involved in all areas of local, municipal, civic and community governance. Members are also encouraged to contribute their expertise to local foundations and non-profit boards and committees as well as discover ways to give back to the community.

Create solutions for an enhanced quality of life
We strive to advocate for public policy issues and concerns that directly affect the personal, social and professional lives of our members for an enriching community experience. Further, we work with the community and local organizations to shape the domestic economic development and build a sustainable quality of life in Cape Cod.

Ensure sustainability of the organization’s growth
Due to the dynamic nature of our member and community’s needs, there is a need to align the organization’s mission with these needs for future sustainability. We seek to implement sustainable strategies for the organization to ensure its survival is safeguarded as we move forward in the future. We will continue to engage our members, donors, sponsors and the entire community for continued support in making a difference in our community.

Cape Cod Young Professional is dedicated to attracting, retaining and developing the young professionals’ talent for better community success and development. Contact us for more information on CCYP and join us to start engaging in the community’s future.