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Dale Shadbegian

Founder, Technologist, SEO Team Lead

Dale Shadbegian is a veteran information systems specialist. Having built his first website in 1993, and over 400 websites since, Dale’s passion is providing consistently superior customer service, while always pushing to the future. His love for Google and search engine optimization was born in 1999 when Google Alpha caught his attention. At that time, he was an award-winning IT professional at EMC Corporation in Westborough, Ma working as a developer and knowledge management specialist. Dale has been a partner to several successful entrepreneurial ventures and started 118GROUP in 2010. 118GROUP started out helping friends and grew into something special which required the help of other like-minded, motivated, and talented professionals that you see on this page today. Always looking to the future, Dale is excited to continue being part of a great team delivering excellent value to their clients.

Favorite Quotes: “Imitate before you Innovate” – Unknown
“It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.” – Unknown

Pet Peeves: Sub standard products/services…. But believes in the saying: “You get what you pay for.”
People who tell me I am doing something wrong while I am successfully doing it.

Hobbies: Sunsets, bike rides to the beach, and gaming/nerd/tech activities. 

Merry Flynn

QC Team Lead, Post Launch Client Liaison, Marketing Manager

Merry is a hardworking individual always striving to be better and to exceed expectations. She has a business marketing degree where she enrolled in a website design elective in college. She was first inspired when she learned about ‘inspect element’ and her eyes were open to a whole new world of technology. She was flabbergasted at how much code and effort went into displaying a single webpage. Eager to learn more about business and web design, Merry joined 118GROUP as a quality control engineer – creating and completing launch checklists ensuring 118GROUP’s websites followed strict standards – above most other web design firms. She continued to hone her design and coding skills and as of early 2019, Merry has designed and created over 90 websites by herself, and has tested over 150. Merry Flynn is very proud to be a part of this company and to grow with her team.

Favorite Quotes: “Less is More” ― Unknown
“The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat.” ― Napoleon Hill

Pet Peeves: When someone tells me who’s behind the voice of a cartoon (It drives me crazy I can never unsee Ellen as Dory.), and watching movie trailers (They give away the entire movie!).

Hobbies: Baking muffins, and learning about classic cars.

Dylan Steven

Design Team Lead and Head Client Liaison

Dylan was first exposed to the magic of design when working for Kayak Cookies in Hyannis. The owner wanted to completely revamp her e-commerce engine, and Dylan jumped right in. He handled the entire process, from product photography to shipping rates and even inventory management. Once he had seen the value of the service and the look of the owner’s eyes when he presented her with her new website, he was hooked. Ever since, he has been learning and developing his craft. Dylan joined 118GROUP which brought fresh and creative new perspectives to design and client communication. In addition to creating engaging designs, Dylan has become a web accessibility expert helping businesses and non-profits adhere to strict web accessibility guidelines for the visually or hearing impaired. Dylan is the “god father” to 118GROUP’s client portal, a systematic design process which helps streamline web projects and help clients visualize and track every step of their web design project.

Favorite Quotes:
“People don’t fail, processes do” – Unknown
“Don’t reinvent the wheel, perfect it.” – Unknown

Pet Peeves: Left-laners and dishes left in the sink.

Hobbies: Dog-walking, amateur Kickboxing, wine-tasting, and tracking down passwords!

Funmi Olowookere

Senior Web Design Specialist

Funmi began her creative design journey at a very young age after receiving her first ‘computer’ by VTech in elementary school. Ever since then she has been amazed by design, technology and the limitless options for creativity it brings when it’s put in the right hands. She enrolled in a New Media and Technology program in high school and from then on has been constantly learning and honing in on her skills. In college, she studied Computer Graphics & Interactive Digital Design where she dived deeper and gained great insight in the world of design and art. She took a special interest in web and began designing websites shortly after graduation. Recently in 2018, Funmi enrolled in a Computer Science Academy to sharpen her mind and become immersed into the world of code. She joined 118GROUP in early 2019 as a designer and is excited about the future.

Favorite Quotes:
“Technology is best when it brings people together.” – Matt Mullenweg
“Coding, it’s an endless process of trial and error, of trying to get the right command in the right place, with sometimes just a semicolon making the difference between success and failure. Code breaks and then it falls apart, and it often takes many, many tries until that magical moment when what you’re trying to build comes to life.” – Reshma Saujani

Pet Peeves: Paying for shipping and when someone talks about a movie/ show I haven’t seen yet!

Hobbies: Tennis, watching New England sports teams, reading and astronomy

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