Still convinced your business doesn’t need a mobile-friendly website? You can try to ignore it, but it is not going away.

Personally, I do not like frameworks. I’ve been on the web designing websites since 1994, and I have seen a lot of frameworks come and go. I have been paid big money to implement them because they were “cool”, and 4 years later, I am replacing them.

I can tell you with a great degree of certainty that Responsive Design – and the ability for mobile devices to view your website – is only going to be in greater demand.

Admittedly, not every industry is the same. Each industry will respond differently in terms of stats in terms of devices used to connect to a website. We recently completed Sell My MetroWest Home for Realtor Rob Brown of RE/MAX Executive.

I had a hunch that a realtor’s website would greatly benefit from Responsive Design. First of all, 90% of homes sold are researched first online. After which, many home buyers take to the streets and drive by properties to have another glance. I believe it is at this time where they continue their search – many times from a Mobile Phone, or Tablet.

The image below shows the percentage of Desktop vs. Mobile users. Notice that it is right around 50%. Our team will not be included in these statistics.



And if you are curious here are the different types of mobile devices that have accessed the page…


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