The cost of building a website customized to your unique needs depends on a wide variety of factors, including your specific industry and the quality of competitor’s websites. Some industries require a far deeper marketing investment than others.

Spoiler Alert: Custom websites can range from $1,000 – $5,000+ depending on what you put in – and what you want to get out. Read on to find out more…

In the past, there have been websites that were chock full of good information, but were so cluttered and gave too much information to digest. Much of that potentially useful and valuable information was being wasted on pages that never saw any visitors. Other websites have just been filled with cut-rate marketing copy that adds little value to the business. Others still simply present contact information and perhaps a few testimonials from cronies in the industry. Some are functional, but don’t work well at all on mobile and could use streamlining to their design.

A good custom website should at a minimum:
1. Be visually appealing
2. Load properly on a mobile phone (link to responsive design blog post)
3. Provide “just enough” information – in an organized manner.
4. Answer the most common questions your potential clients may ask.
5. Include services offered and service areas.

At 118group, we look to the most affordable ways to create a responsive design website that incorporates only the most important elements that you need. Anything beyond that we will suggest should be used as content for your company blog. With the help of 118group, you can turn a lot of your old website content into good, strong content that can be repurposed in a wide variety of ways. It’s also important to look at what your competitors are doing, see what they’re doing well, and what you can even do better.

A GREAT custom website should at a minimum:
1. Include a blog with fresh content – at least 2-3 times per week.
2. Link to your Social Channels
3. Include an e-Newsletter
4. Compel visitors to contact you
5. Track and store all of those visitors – remind you if you forget to contact them.
6. Have other tools that fuel sales and position you as a market leader.

A GREAT Custom website from 118Group is a lead-generating and client-keeping machine. Every $ you spend will pay you in dividends.

We start simple. Focus on the most important questions your potential clients may have on their mind. If they cannot find an answer, or do not feel you are a good fit – they will go on to your competitor.

We’ll then help you to use any additional content you might have to your advantage: photos, videos, articles, etc. While a beautiful website with a fancy user interface and bright colorful pictures is certainly doable (and can be done for less than you might think), it’s the content that will bring the visitors in. How pretty it looks may keep visitors there for a bit, but it’s the carefully chosen pictures and infographics along with crisply written informative content with powerful calls to action that will convert visitors.

Keep in mind that your website is often a prospect’s first impression of your business. Once you make a great first impression, you keep those leads interested with content from your blog until they’re ready to purchase your services. Of course, not all leads turn into customers, but if your content is good enough, it’s likely it will be shared by those that don’t even purchase your services. You can make fans from your information alone that can then refer your services to others. It’s a win-win situation.

Call us today for a more in-depth analysis of what a realistic website budget looks like for you and your business.