There is so much “expert” advice out there when it comes to succeeding on social media. All of these facts and figures about what is the best time to post on each network, how often you should post and what you should post seems helpful enough. The problem is, there’s so much information (and misinformation) that it becomes overwhelming. So how do you figure out what bits to apply to your own social media strategy?


This is where we get into the most misunderstood thing about social media. It’s all about what you want to get out of it.


Isn’t that true of most things? Yes, it is. But, especially with social media, you put into it what you hope to receive from it.


What works for one person or business on social media may not work at all for another. It’s fine to experiment and fine-tune posts to better target your intended audience. But you need to have a focus. There are several ways of doing this, and you need to answer a few questions that you’ve probably heard many times before.


How Often Should You Post?


Some experts will tell you to post once a day. Others will tell you to post multiple times a day. There is no magic number, but of course, there is such a thing as over-posting. On the other hand, it’s good to find informative, relevant content to share on a regular basis. It’s good to bookmark these things in order to post them whenever you don’t have something of your own to post. It’s always good to make people see you as a resource.


What Should You Post?


Continuing the idea of sharing other people’s content as a sort of curator, the general rule of thumb is to post 4 posts by others to every one of yours. While this isn’t true with every audience, it’s always important to keep your social networks active. However, if you’re curating content, make sure your audience is actually interacting with it. Even if they are just “liking” it or clicking on it, that’s a good sign. Content that isn’t getting interaction isn’t really worth posting. It will just get lost in the noise.


How Do I Get People to Interact?


Ultimately, social media is all about getting people to be social with your content. We all know that photos and videos do well. But, of course, not all photos and videos are created equal. Even a well-timed, concise, to-the-point simple text post can get great responses. It’s especially good to ask your audience questions. You never know what sort of answers you may get.


Involving your audience is always going to be the best way to succeed on social media. Getting them to suggest things is even better. In any case, you have to get a little inside your audience’s head and know what they’re looking for. You can always probe around a bit and find what questions you can help answer that others aren’t answering. Be inviting and let people know that you value their input.


Basically, ask yourself what you’re trying to do with your social media. The number one thing is to always make you or your business accessible. Let people know that you’re there to answer questions. While you may not always have the answer, social media is the best way to lead your followers in the right direction.


What else do you want to get out of your social media?