LinkedIn is the premier way to network online. Whether you’re looking for a job, making the next big step in your career, or looking for new connections, you want to make sure you can be found by those you want to connect with. Here are some ways to make the most of your LinkedIn profile.

Make the Best Use of Your Headline

Your headline is the most searchable part of your entire LinkedIn profile. But whenever you update the current position or company on your profile, LinkedIn will automatically update your headline to be your current job title and company. That isn’t all that exciting. You’ll want to make sure to keep it customized. Make sure that you use all 120 characters that it provides. Include keywords that you want to be found for the most. This will help contacts more relevant to you find you more easily.

What You Should Do With Your Profile Summary

Many people in their summary will list their experience and state their current career objectives. But a better use of your summary is to tell your story in first person. This gets people to get to know you a bit, and not just what you specialize in. You can work in the traditional info you would see at the top of a resume. But by having it as a first person narrative, it will cause people to connect with you more often.

The Power of Recommendations

Even if you aren’t actively job hunting, we all know how important references are to have publicly. Asking coworkers, previous supervisors, or current employers for recommendations not only makes you look good, but gives you instant references for when you need them.

These three improvements to your LinkedIn profile will make you more easily found in search on the platform. When people actually get there, your profile will stand out more than most, as well. You’ll also find yourself suggested as a recommendation to others who are looking to build their networks. All of these things will help you be much more productive on LinkedIn and get you more fruitful and profitable connections.