We live in an era when most of the businesses are conducted online. The importance of social media is growing every day and when it comes to making business connections, there’s no better place than LinkedIn.

What Makes LinkedIn Better than Other Social Media Sites?

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which are social media websites made primarily for fun, the creators of LinkedIn had business in their minds. After more than 13 years since its initial launch, LinkedIn is nowadays the biggest business network on the planet. It allows share information, promote themselves and their companies, as well as get in touch with other professionals, regardless of where they might be located.

In the USA is the second most popular social media website, trailing only behind Facebook. However, when it comes to making business connections, you can say goodbye to Facebook and focus entirely on LinkedIn. The fact that every CEO from the Fortune 500 companies has a profile here is more than enough of a recommendation to start using this site. However, simply making a profile is not enough – you need to make it stand out. Here’s how to do it!

Complete Your Profile

Many people ignore the requirements of the website fill in only a few details. That might be a costly mistake, because research has shown that users regard the incomplete profiles as lazy. So, upload your photo, write an interesting bio, etc.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

To make your LinkedIn profile even more accessible for potential employers, make sure you optimize it the right way. Our recommendation is to use certain keywords, which are related to your education, business niche and your interests. Apart from these things, you can also take care of your profile’s URL, putting your name in there or the name of your brand.

Pay Attention to an Interesting Headline

You probably know that first impressions are extremely important when you meet a person for the first time. The same goes for online meetings. If your headline is effective, you will immediately awake interest in those people looking at it. A good headline shows that you are eloquent and charming person. Who wouldn’t want to work with that kind of person?

Add Contact Information

At the bottom of every profile page, LinkedIn allows you to place your contact information. That way you let people get directly in touch with you, which many employers appreciate. Our advice is to leave your email address, while putting links to the profiles on other social media websites is a plus.