Online branding has evolved faster over the last year than ever before. This pattern is unlikely to change anytime soon. One of the biggest changes on the horizon is increasing importance of mobile website optimization, which is boosting the need for responsive design.

Responsive design plays a very important role in reaching customers across all devices.

Why is responsive design necessary in 2016?

Responsive design is becoming very important for all brands with an online presence. Nevertheless, many brands aren’t taking advantage of it. Bryson Meunier of Marketing Land estimates that slightly over 11% of brands have responsive websites, which could be hurting conversions and brand perception.

If you don’t have a responsive website, then you should invest in one this year. Here are some reasons responsive design is so important.

Boost Conversions on Various Devices

You can never predict what type of device customers will access your website through. You can attempt to redirect customers to different webpages that are optimized for different devices, but this approach isn’t 100% reliable.

You’re better off with the responsive design, because you can always guarantee the same layout. This ensures your customers will clearly see your call to action, which will lift conversions.

Uniform Branding Approach

The average customer needs to be exposed to your brand an average of four times before making a purchase. If you hope to convert them, then you’ll need to provide a consistent branding message.

Responsive design ensures customers have the same experience across all devices.

Boost Organic Search Rankings

Approximately three quarters of all web traffic comes through Google. Brands cannot afford to jeopardize their standing with the world’s largest search engine, which means they should be taking steps to provide a great mobile experience.

Search ranking algorithms are placing more emphasis on user experience these. Since an equal number of users are browsing the web through mobile devices as desktops these days, Google is assigning higher rankings to brands that have well optimized mobile websites. You may notice your search engine rankings are starting to slip if you don’t create a pleasant user experience across all platforms, so it’s worth investing in a responsive site.