Aside from your online presence playing a vital role in your Sales and Marketing system, face-to-face communication and first impressions remain equally important.

When you smile at someone and hand them a business card, a judgment will be made very quickly about you and your business. Incorporating these 5 Basic Elements of a terrific business card are sure to impress anyone you meet!


1. Include all your basic information

You want to keep it simple, but be sure to make your most important and updated contact information.

  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Company Website (if it’s a business card for a particular individual and not a general company card)
  • Job Title
  • Quick tagline or description about your business

You want to make sure that phone number is the very best one to reach you at, as well as including the email account that you check the most often. The key here is also to keep “updated” contact information. If you plan on changing addresses or phone numbers, order in advance.


2. Include a well designed and original logo

Some people opt for stock imagery over a custom logo. While this may get you through the short term, consider an important contact receiving a similar card from another business. I, personally, do not think that would be impressive. A custom crisp logo tells your contact your care about your business, and you have taken the time to define yourself, as well as the direction of your firm.


3. Size and position of images and text

All of the text and imagery on the card should be clearly visible at a glance. The logo or other objects in the card should be visibly pleasing and symmetrical. Consider lines of text having equal spacing from each other as well as the edges of the card.


4. Don’t push the envelope

Business cards are typically printed in massive runs and are not produced to the exact look of the design. Any given edge could be cut slightly shorter than another. Incorporate a design that accounts for this by leaving text and imagery away from the exact edge of the card. Employ a design that will still look pleasing in the event this happens.


5. Quality and finish

Another of the most important aspects to a business card is how you print it. We recommend a glossy finish on the front, with a matte finish on the back. Glossy finish on the front will help keep the card intact if it gets wet or stained. Matte finish on a white background on the back allows a potential contact to write more information down about you.


6. Bonus Tip! Have plenty on hand!

Don’t use the old “I just ran out and I’m having more made” trick! Order plenty in advance and keep them on hand, in your car, and in your office. Give them to your spouse, significant other, and friends.

The screenshot below is a custom business card and logo we recently completed. There are a few elements in our own blog post we stretched, but with good reason as it related to the client and their ultimate decisions. The card is colorful and attractive and includes all of the basic information needed to contact her in the future.


Here is the new 118Group postcard we just completed. I’m happy with this one, but I see a couple little changes I might make next time around.



This draft design incorporates all of the elements in this post… but to be honest, it is not very exciting! Changing the gray to a red would make it pop.

lp (4)

Thinking of sprucing up that business card? We’d love to help! Contact 118Group for more information.