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Why CRMs Are Becoming Essential in 2014

How can a CRM help my business?

Have you ever missed a great business opportunity because you lost a lead’s contact information or forgot to follow up with them?

Do you forget to follow up with satisfied clients to see if they need help?

Are your hottest sales opportunities lost in a spreadsheet or notebook somewhere?

If you answered YES, to any of these questions, you would benefit tremendously from just a few minutes a day with a simple CRM.

A CRM holds all data on customers and leads in a single location. It only takes a few minutes to enter sales prospects into your CRM. You will never forget to followup with them afterwards. This is extremely valuable, considering the high cost of generating leads.

Most CRMs have tracking tools that make it easy to identify your hottest sales leads. They also give reminders to follow up with past clients.

Can non-technical staff use a CRM?

For such powerful tools, CRMs are extremely easy to use. Anybody that can fill out a simple form on a website can use them.

Pat Sullivan and Mike Muhney developed the first customer relationship management software in 1986. Nearly 30 years later, CRM technology is beginning to play a crucial role in both relationship management and strategic decision-making. In fact, a recent study shows that the biggest technology trend of 2014 will be a shift towards CRM software.

CRM Will Play a Huge Role in the Months to Come

Computer Electronics recently released its “Technology Trends 2014” study, which analyzed 15 different technologies that are impacting businesses around the world. The study found that CRM technology will offer a higher return on investment than any of the other technologies that it studied.

Other studies have shown that more companies are recognizing the benefits of CRM software. Sales have increased steadily over the past few years. A survey from Gartner predicts that CRM sales will grow to $23.9 billion by the end of the year.

Why Is Interest in CRM Technology Growing?

CRM software has been a valuable tool for businesses for the past 28 years. However, businesses have only recently started to realize its true potential. Here are some of the reasons that more companies are beginning to embrace it.

Serve Customers With Multiple Devices

More consumers are purchasing mobile devices. One report found that mobile data usage grew by 70% in 2012. A recent report from Cisco found that there are now mobile devices in the world than people.

Businesses realize that they need to serve customers using multiple devices. Tsal Tsafany, Chief Customer Officer for Base CRM, stated that CRM will be more important than ever as consumers become more dependent on mobile devices. Tsafany said that it managing data from multiple devices can be very complex. Many businesses are using CRM software to keep track of their mobile customers.

Transition to the Cloud

Many companies are transitioning their data to the cloud. One study found that 54% of companies are already storing data on the cloud and another 31% intend to use the cloud in the next couple of years. Cloud technology has helped them reduce the costs of data storage and maintain larger volumes of data.

However, companies also have a difficult time managing all of their customer information. CRM applications make it much easier to organize this data.

Serve a Mobile Workforce

According to Forrester’s 2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends, 29% of global employees are heavily reliant on their mobile devices to do their jobs. This figure is expected to rise significantly over the next three years.

Many employers realize that mobile technology is transforming their workforce. They have begun implementing BYOD policies to manage their employees. CRM software has helped them keep their employees in touch with each other and better organize data.

Data Driven Business Models Fuel CRM Needs

Data is playing a more important role in business than ever before. Many companies are expected to use CRM software to adapt to a number of different trends. Demand for this technology may increase further than experts predict as advances in cloud computing and mobile technology continue to shape the global economy.

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