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One of the most difficult aspects of any business is keeping track of past leads and clients. Sure, you can have them in a database or on an email list. But many times, these databases simply gather dust. Worse yet, sometimes leads and even past clients become forgotten, or their addresses or emails change and you lose track of them. The best way to counteract these things from happening is to use a Client Relationship Manager or CRM.


City Renovations


One of our clients is a very successful remodeler in the Metro DC area named Michael Wiggs. He owns a company called CITY Renovations and Remodeling. While he does have great relationships with many of his repeat customers, he has gathered so many contacts over the years (over 800!) that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of what has become of all of them. Yes, they’re all saved in an email list. However, a CRM puts that information to work!

The first thing we do is to put all of a client’s old leads and customers into 118Group’s proprietary CRM, even ones that were not before on an email list. We can then use the CRM to let all of these leads know that they have not been forgotten and to find out if they would like to be included in future email newsletters. The major benefit to this is that we can find out what email addresses are no longer good, so that they can be removed from the database – but we still have their addresses and other information in the system, which would not necessarily happen if they were on a typical email list.

The second part of what we do is use labels generated by the CRM to send postcards to check up on past leads and customers. This way, those that we no longer have good emails for can still be reached. Then, if postcards return with forwarding addresses or with no forwarding address, it will be easy to update this information for the future. This helps clean everything up.

Of course, the power of a CRM goes beyond simply organizing contacts. It can store far more information than that, and even keep track of your most profitable customers and your best repeat customers. But simply getting contacts organized and then reminded about your products and services can net you sales almost right away. If you get one or two jobs from mailing out a few postcards sent to people that you no longer had good email addresses for, the CRM has already paid for itself.

Best of all, 118group customers do not actually even pay for the CRM itself, as it is included as a complimentary feature along with our marketing services.

Visit this link to learn more about the benefits of 118group’s Client Relationship Manager.

If you’re struggling with keeping up with all of your leads and clients, contact 118group today and we’ll schedule a free consultation with you. Every business can benefit from having every lead and client that they’ve ever had constantly at their fingertips without ever having to dig for contact information ever again.

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