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As you may already know, I relocated to Cape Cod several years ago and I just love it here. Cape Cod is probably most known as a vacation and retiree destination. For me, Cape Cod is a place for my family to live and grow so I may have a different perspective on what is important to me in regards to Cape Cod issues. I recently joined The Cape Cod Young Professionals.

The Cape Cod Young Professionals Company was founded to help the youth have a purpose in life by shaping their careers. The founders had the vision that empowering CCYP Cape Cod young professionals would consequently have an impact on the economy and social status of the community at large. They had the idea that the activities of the organization would create awareness on various issues of concern, encourage development within the community members and reverse the trend where there was a decline in people who are aged between 25 and 44 years.

There are several benefits that are you will enjoy as a member of the organization. Firstly, there is increased social connection therefore if one decides to start a business; chances of it doing well are high.

Secondly, the young professionals will have someone to nurture them in their line of work. Additionally, those who do not have the funds to go to school can also get scholarships while those who have completed can get an internship too, a platform for training.
Thirdly, the members get to go out into the community and teach them on any matter that needs attention at that moment.

Finally, the members get the exposure of working together and towards a common goal. This helps them fit better when they go out into the corporate world.

But who really gets to join this group? Well, this is a platform for young professionals where they come together to connect with each other, engage in activities that help towards the growth of their careers which consequently helps them advance in their lives in general. Youth who have different qualifications in various fields are welcome to join, be it business, health, political or any other. With the support of the organization, the youth are able to have stable lives, start their own families, start successful businesses and also save for retirement as well as for their kids’ future.
The vision of the company is very clear. They create opportunities for the by supporting them to have great careers that lead to quality lives therefore advancing the community at large.
Their mission is simply to connect the youths, create a platform where they can engage each other as well as their mentors and then help them advance in their lives there after.

They have five strategic goals summarized as:

  • Facilitate connection among the members so that they have a better chance at business and social success
  • To help the youths better their work lives so they thrive professionally
  • Help them members be open and positive to community work
  • To assist the members be pro-active in coming up with the best way to deal with life obstacles for a better future
  • Finally, all the members work towards the vision, mission and the goals of the organization.


I encourage you to learn more about this organization and even join by visiting this link: