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Questions to ask your web designer during an interview

Questions To Ask a Web Designer In an Interview

So your business or organization has decided to build a new website! Congratulations on this exciting endeavor! You’ve gone through the other steps required before actually designing a new website, and you’ve found a few web design firms. You’ve read their reviews and looked at their portfolios. Further, you’ve made that first contact to reach…

Website Design Trends for 2019

You can ignore it… but Is your website ready for 2019? When making the decision to follow trends for 2019 or just keep things the way they are you have to ask yourself is your website and expense or critical sales tool? You’re always reading these new fancy marketing articles telling you to have bells…

Why Use WordPress to Build A Responsive Design Business Website?

With the ever changing landscape of the internet, a good business website needs to be easily flexible and customizable for the long term. For businesses with long term strategies, a responsive design website is crucial to build and maintain. WordPress is a great platform to do just that. More than ever, how friendly your website…

How to Solve a High Bounce Rate on Your Website

Search Engine Optimization   Have you been looking over your website stats and noticing a “high bounce rate”? Simply put bounce rate is when someone comes to a page on your site and that’s all they look at. What is considered a “good bounce rate”? Usually, a rate this high is considered bad. What causes it? There…

Why a Custom Website is a Must-Have for Home Improvement Companies

With the remodeling business growing all the time, it’s becoming harder for home improvement companies to stand out among increasing competition.The number one marketing weapon you can have with any business is a custom website, and it’s especially true for home improvement companies. From roofing contractors to full-service design-build construction companies, custom websites are a…

7 Reasons Responsive Websites Will Be Essential in 2014 and Beyond

Web design has become much more complex over the past 20 years. At one time, designers could create a layout, test it their PC and publish it on the Internet. Their job became more difficult when new browsers and machines were released on the market. They had to test their websites in multiple browsers to…
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