Building a brand in this day and age is both easier and harder than it used to be for start-ups in Cape Cod and elsewhere. On the one hand, there are lots of tools available for the start-ups that are trying to build a brand. However, your competition may be using similar techniques. People who are concerned about their prospects or people who want a competitive advantage should consider working with a seasoned professional in the field. Then, Cape Cod start-ups can start to gain an edge over their competitors.

Start Up Tips For Brand Creation

Web Design
The quality of a start-up’s website makes all the difference. People need websites that are visually appealing and easily accessible. Websites today also need to be mobile-friendly, since so many people access the Internet on their mobile devices. An iconic website can be instrumental in start up tips brand creation. A lot of brands are highly visual in nature, and web design is probably the most visual aspect of Internet marketing today.

Social Media Marketing
There’s no getting around the need for social media today. Even if companies can build their brands without social media today, if they don’t have social media profiles, they’ll be regarded with suspicion. A well-maintained social media page can help people become established in the field and gain new customers immediately. It’s better to have one social media page on one website that is well-maintained than several that are almost never updated.

Content Strategy
Content creation is an important part of Internet marketing. People go online looking for informational articles and other types of content. The start-ups that are able to supply those pieces of content are going to attract new customers. Depending upon the type of content they release, they’re going to potentially make their brands synonymous with certain styles of writing. It’s important to include the right keywords without keyword stuffing or any other practices that are going to ultimately prove counter-productive.

Persistent Internet Marketing
Ultimately, the most successful start-ups are the ones that market themselves more successfully than others. Start-ups that have great products in addition to good marketing are going to be the most successful. People need to take all of the different marketing strategies today and pursue them as aggressively as possible. Start-ups don’t need to become successful overnight. With persistent marketing, people can become successful later after they have laid down a solid foundation of Internet marketing.

Your website is perhaps the most important marketing tool in your arsenal. It’s crucial to make sure that it’s updated regularly, not only for the search engines, but to encourage repeat visitors. Think of your website as your “home base” for your marketing plan, as any advertising you do will undoubtedly link back to it. Here, we will discuss some things to ensure that your website is doing the most work that it can for you. Read more


OC/DC – Not the AC/DC Tribute Band!

As someone who has been working in SEO for about five years now, I have heard the phrase “SEO is dead” countless times. But recently, in March of 2014, Copyblogger’s resident “SEO guy” Sean Jackson declared that SEO is now dead. He instead offers up the term OC/DC as an alternative. No, not the AC/DC tribute band from Orange County, California. OC/DC stands for Optimizing Content for Discovery and Conversion, what has already been the heart of true content marketing.

So why does he, an SEO guy of all people, want SEO to die? Technically, it’s only the term itself he wants to die. OC/DC is a term that far better describes what you should be doing in your content marketing efforts. Optimization for search is only a part of what you should be doing. With all of the negative connotations that SEO has been gaining in recent years, and especially in recent months, a lot of people are steering away from it due to the negative connotations that Search Engine Optimization has garnered. Read more