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Questions to ask your web designer during an interview

Questions To Ask a Web Designer In an Interview

So your business or organization has decided to build a new website! Congratulations on this exciting endeavor! You’ve gone through the other steps required before actually designing a new website, and you’ve found a few web design firms. You’ve read their reviews and looked at their portfolios. Further, you’ve made that first contact to reach…

Website Design Trends for 2019

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You can ignore it… but Is your website ready for 2019? When making the decision to follow trends for 2019 or just keep things the way they are you have to ask yourself is your website and expense or critical sales tool? You’re always reading these new fancy marketing articles telling you to have bells…

Don’t Be a Turkey – Most Believable Web Scams of 2018

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Here are a few scams so believable, our clients ALMOST fell for them! Phone Call from Google about your business listing The Scam: A professional-sounding person calls, identifies himself as Google and says that your business listing is in jeopardy and therefore, you’re losing business to your website. They then go on to say that…