There are so many ways to approach online marketing. Today, there are so many channels you can use to get your message out there. You want to get yourself in front of as many eyeballs as possible. But when you market online, there should always be two main goals.


Solve Problems & Build Trust


It’s a deceptively simple goal, looking to solve people’s problems. That’s why you’re in business, after all. But to become someone’s go-to solution for the problems you can solve, you have to market the right way.


That’s where we come to the second goal.


Building trust online


The best way to build trust with your target audience is to know their pain points. You also want to make it clear that you know what those are. Each online visitor is at a different point in the decision-making process of trying to solve their problems. Some are just getting started while others know what they need and are just looking for the best way to get it. Many others are somewhere in between.


The most important thing in online marketing is offering an immediate benefit. It isn’t like traditional marketing which is more about selling your brand. In online marketing, you’re putting the solution first, while also labeling it with your brand. By being solution-driven in your online marketing, you can convert much more quickly by putting yourself out there as the best problem solver for a particular job.


Here are 3 ways to build trust with your online audience:


Focus on questions your current clients or customers ask as building blocks for your online marketing plan.


By knowing what sort of answers people need, you can become a trustworthy resource. Make it obvious that you know your customers’ needs and are always looking to put their interests first. After all, businesses exist to serve the public, and the public knows what they want.


Invest in permission-based and targeted email marketing.


Special email offers are one of the best ways to both keep old customers and make new ones. Be sure that it’s not too good to be true, but also sweet enough to sway a potential customer from a competitor. Make sure they are offers that help solve a relatively common problem for your existing customers. Also, very importantly, be sure that your email list is always acquired through the actual permission of the recipients.


Have a consistently updated website with fresh content delivered on a regular basis.


Email offers and coupons are great, but having content to bring people back to your website on a regular basis is even better. Of course, similar offers exclusive to that content could prove even more effective. It’s a great way to sell services or products of yours that may not be as well known. These could be an untapped source of revenue.


These three things are great for your business whether they find you through local search, a question on Google, or directly. Doing these three things are great for building trust and authenticity for your business.  You always want to keep making a good impression, whether it’s the first or the hundredth.


Building trust from the get-go, you’re also more likely to get repeat customers, the lifeblood of almost every business out there. You find ways to keep your current customers coming back for more and continue to build that trust. Don’t be intrusive. Just stay top of mind without being pushy about it.