My primary goal here at 118group is to become a well-marketed and organized business, taking what I learn to help your businesses be well-marketed and organized, as well. As I’ve discovered, when you create a well-marketed and organized business, several things happen. Here are the main 7 rewards that you reap from having your business well-marketed and organized:

1) You have money to pay your bills, and invest in making your company more competitive.

Some businesses spend a lot of money on things that they probably shouldn’t. This is why it’s important to review your business systems and find inefficiencies that can be removed. This saved money can then be reinvested in marketing and organizational tools that keep you focused and up-to-date with all of your day-to-day needs.

2) You have time to enjoy things in life, like leisure, hobbies, and family.

By being better organized and having good marketing that continuously helps you get good, loyal customers, you can afford to take a break once in a while to enjoy life. Business owners that have to constantly work themselves into the ground to remain profitable – or heavens forbid, to try to be profitable – are never happy. It’s important to enjoy life. Life should not be all work, and your business having a happy, well-rested, well-recreated owner will be far better for it.

3) You have money to go places and do fun things.

If your business is well-organized and things are getting done on time and exceptionally well, you can reward yourself by taking even longer breaks: weekend trips and even vacations. You don’t have the horrible specter of all the work that has to be done when you get home because you have everything all set up for you when you get back to plug away at without all of the stress of having to ask yourself: oh no, what am I supposed to do next?

4) Your home life becomes more peaceful and productive.

You know the old saying don’t bring your work home with you? Well, when you’re struggling, it tends to come home with you in the worst possible ways. However, if you’re succeeding in your business, the positive energy of success will follow you home instead of the negative feelings that come along with struggles. Your family will be happier for it and you’ll find yourself able to do more around the house than ever before.

5) Your work becomes more enjoyable and emotionally rewarding.

Not only can your home life improve, but working will feel less like work if you’re well-organized. If you get things down to the science of a to-do list, you leave yourself open to more time that you can spend better marketing your business and brainstorming new ideas. Some people get into this terrible rut of thinking that having too much free time is a bad thing – when you should be spending this time working on improving your organization and your business systems to be even more productive and efficient.

6) Attract, hire, and retain better staff.

Of course, a well-run business is a lot easier to work for, and a happy owner makes for a lot happier workforce. A business that is not well-organized tends to have a lot of unhappy workers. Those unhappy workers tend to complain about the shortcomings of working for that business and make hiring new, good workers more difficult. Having happy workers means a more motivated workforce and the ability to retain them a lot longer.

7) Hire consultants to bring new vision and energy to your business.

By having more time and money, you’ll also be able to afford bringing in outside voices to bring in new ideas that you previously may not have thought of inside of your office. Having outside perspectives are very helpful and being able to integrate those ideas into your existing systems can make your business even more efficient and productive.

There are plenty of other benefits, as well. But here are just 5 things that I myself am able to do with the free time that I’ve created:

  1. See my kids get on and off the bus every day
  2. Go for bike rides on a nice day.
  3. Eat healthy, attend all Dr. Appointments, etc
  4. Attend Kids’ School Functions and Field Trips
  5. More flexible work schedule – take the projects I want – the ones that will make my business better.

As you can see, keeping life at work organized is paramount to keeping your life as a whole organized. Having strong and effective marketing systems helps this, as well. That fifth item is perhaps the most important one of all. If you have enough leads, you can pick and choose the ones that will be the most productive and not necessarily the most profitable. You want customers that respect you and truly appreciate what it is that you do for them outside of how much they pay you. It is these customers who become one of your most valuable resources, because they are the ones who can tell others how well-marketed and organized you are and how your processes make you able to serve them exceptionally well.

To find out how the 118group team and I can help your business, call us today!