Video is a hot marketing tool, and it seems everyone is trying it, with varying degrees of success. It’s true that used correctly, video can be extremely effective for marketing. So how can local businesses use video effectively to grow their business? Here are five examples.


Introductory Videos


While killer copy on your homepage is great, most people aren’t going to read all of your finely crafted introductory message. However, many website visitors will watch a 30 to 90 second video that says basically the same thing.


Make your intro video about how you solve a common problem you encounter in your business everyday. Present it in a creative and fun way. It can be animated or live action. Either way, be sure that the style and tone work with the culture of your business.


Share Your Company’s Origin Story


While any company can do origin story videos, small businesses can do them especially well. People love stories and they particularly like them about the local businesses they buy from every day. Show people where you came from and tell the story of how your business came to be.


Customer Testimonial Videos


Also known as third-party proof, customer testimonials are one of the most effective videos for business. People relate well to seeing other people like them who have had  success using your products or services. They are more effective than text testimonials on a website, since visitors can put an actual face to the message.


Share Expert Advice


It doesn’t matter what you do. You and your company’s leaders have something to share that other people could find helpful. If you know tips and tricks that just about anyone could use in day to day life, it’s worth sharing in a quick video. The best thing about these videos is that they don’t have to be sales-oriented at all. All you have to do is tie the expert advice to your brand.


Thanking Your Customers


It sounds obvious that you wouldn’t be in business without your customers. But it’s good to remind customers of that fact. People that aren’t currently buying from your business will appreciate that you acknowledge the importance of your current customers. The video doesn’t even have to be of the highest production quality. It’s the thought that counts.


Do you have great ideas for a business marketing video? Let us know about it!