Here at 118group, we have helped a wide range of clients create videos to help build their brand. Before on our blog. we’ve talked about 5 Ways Local Businesses Can Use Video As a Successful Marketing Tool. But you may still be wondering, what can video marketing do for me? What makes it so powerful.


Here’s a very important little fact that may make you think about trying out videos:


4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video than read text!


That’s a big deal! There’s a reason that so many more people are doing vlogging (video blogging) than ever before. You may now be thinking, is this why people aren’t reading my blog? Actually, blogs are still very powerful tools, when done correctly. Likewise, video marketing has to be done the right way to be effective.


So what makes a video marketing plan that’s powerful and effective?


Videos can do a lot of work in a very short amount of time. Effectively videos can be anywhere from thirty seconds to three minutes long. The idea of video marketing is to catch your audience’s attention. You want to deliver your message clearly, but briefly, and let your audience visualize the benefits of purchasing your product or using your service.


Show off your brand’s personality


While personality can come through a blog, it’s even easier to do with video. People like to connect with people. But beyond that, people respond well to visual cues. Finding the visual style for your business is critical so that anyone watching any of your videos know what you’re about. Putting a face to your business, even if it’s an animated person or mascot, helps draw in viewers.


Videos don’t replace a blog, they complement it.


Video is an awesome, powerful inbound marketing tool. But as with any form of marketing, it has its limitations. Videos are a great way to attract people, announce product releases or events, or provide helpful information.


However, blogs do some things well that video’s don’t, providing helpful roundups of resources, for example. But like blogs, videos are a great way to tell stories. You just need to figure out what stories will work better as videos than in blogs.


This is why you need to work with video marketing experts who have created campaigns for varied fields. Utilizing their experience, you discover what types of videos, what visuals, and other factors are best in attracting the audience you’re looking for. Video marketing is powerful, as long as you do it right.