How can a CRM help my business?

Have you ever missed a great business opportunity because you lost a lead’s contact information or forgot to follow up with them?

Do you forget to follow up with satisfied clients to see if they need help?

Are your hottest sales opportunities lost in a spreadsheet or notebook somewhere?

If you answered YES, to any of these questions, you would benefit tremendously from just a few minutes a day with a simple CRM.

A CRM holds all data on customers and leads in a single location. It only takes a few minutes to enter sales prospects into your CRM. You will never forget to followup with them afterwards. This is extremely valuable, considering the high cost of generating leads.

Most CRMs have tracking tools that make it easy to identify your hottest sales leads. They also give reminders to follow up with past clients. Read more

Web design has become much more complex over the past 20 years. At one time, designers could create a layout, test it their PC and publish it on the Internet. Their job became more difficult when new browsers and machines were released on the market. They had to test their websites in multiple browsers to ensure every visitor had a great user experience.

The introduction of mobile technology has been the biggest challenge. Some web designers didn’t initially want to focus on optimizing websites for mobile devices. However, a recent ComScore study shows that more people will use mobile devices than desktops to connect to the Internet by the end of 2014. This means that developing mobile websites will need to be a top priority.  Fortunately, responsive design technology makes it easier to make the process more efficient. Read more

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One of the most difficult aspects of any business is keeping track of past leads and clients. Sure, you can have them in a database or on an email list. But many times, these databases simply gather dust. Worse yet, sometimes leads and even past clients become forgotten, or their addresses or emails change and you lose track of them. The best way to counteract these things from happening is to use a Client Relationship Manager or CRM. Read more


Finding new clients is one of the biggest challenges that home improvement companies face. You can be the best contractor in your community, but you won’t gain new customers without an effective marketing strategy. Here are several of the most common marketing mistakes that you will want to avoid. Read more