OC/DC – Not the AC/DC Tribute Band!

As someone who has been working in SEO for about five years now, I have heard the phrase “SEO is dead” countless times. But recently, in March of 2014, Copyblogger’s resident “SEO guy” Sean Jackson declared that SEO is now dead. He instead offers up the term OC/DC as an alternative. No, not the AC/DC tribute band from Orange County, California. OC/DC stands for Optimizing Content for Discovery and Conversion, what has already been the heart of true content marketing.

So why does he, an SEO guy of all people, want SEO to die? Technically, it’s only the term itself he wants to die. OC/DC is a term that far better describes what you should be doing in your content marketing efforts. Optimization for search is only a part of what you should be doing. With all of the negative connotations that SEO has been gaining in recent years, and especially in recent months, a lot of people are steering away from it due to the negative connotations that Search Engine Optimization has garnered. Read more

Overwhelmed with keeping up with leads? Having trouble following up with them and helping them down the sales funnel? No worries. At 118Group, we’re here to simply the process for you. We help you to create a functional, responsive website and provide you with a state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Manager that you can import all of your contacts into. This way, customers old and new both get the latest and greatest content from your website, which we’ll also provide to you.

Here’s a video explaining the benefits of what we do, and how we can help you become a leader in your field using our services:

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With cold calls, oftentimes, you may as well call a penguin!

Years ago, “cold calls” were an important part of the sales funnel. Yes, many of them did not convert, but some did. Still, even then, referrals were powerful, and they are even more powerful today. With how easy it is to share recommendations social media and the internet, referrals often come with some knowledge of your products and services already. In fact, with so many consumers doing research on various businesses, it’s possible that a positive review or link from someone who is promoting your work can be a referral that you don’t even have to go out and get yourself. Read more


Should the IRS Think More Like a Marketing Company?

I don’t know about you… but being self employed gives a lot of flexibility on when and how much you pay in both Federal and State Taxes. This year, I was EARLY – and no, I did not have a refund coming to me. I thought to myself… what if the IRS gave away trips, cars, and prizes? Would that motivate tax payers in a positive way to pay their taxes on time?

The IRS imposes strict penalties on citizens that fail to file their tax return by the deadline. However, those penalties don’t appear to be an effective way to get people to file on time.  The IRS may need to find a new approach to encourage people to file their taxes by the deadline. The agency may want to consider giving people incentives to file early instead. Read more

Small business owners and managers are always faced with the challenge of how to create a positive work environment that will improve efficiency and ROI. A joyous environment at the workplace invokes a sense of dedication and purpose to the employees, and everybody is geared to serve the organization to the best of their abilities. According to Forbes, companies with satisfied and happy employees were able to generate 22.4% more revenue for their respective companies or employers. So here are some important pointers that can help in creating such an environment. Read more

More and more, online reviews are becoming a far greater part of online marketing than some are aware. The infographic, thanks to 540SEO, below shows statistics proving that online reviews play a huge role in customer decisions.


Those are some big numbers. The fact that having a good number of positive reviews can increase your business by potentially 50% or more is definitely something to consider. Here’s another infographic on how positive and negative reviews seen online can affect your business: Read more

I find that my phone and other contact mediums are sometimes the source of anxiety and distraction. It delays the completion of work and makes me irritable… so several times per week for 2-3 hours, I put it on silent and hide it in my office – completely out of sight.

Here at 118Group, I am responsible for many facets of a client’s business – marketing, client relations, web design and development. I employ the services of several experts to make it all work.

Let’s not forget friends and family. So you can imagine my phone rings often.

Clients call with questions, issues, or just with excitement over something positive that happened as a result of our service..

The downside, is that this makes the ability to tedious or complex work – extremely difficult.

Several times per week, I simply, put my phone on silent and hide it somewhere in my office.

I turn off email.

I turn off Skype.

I put on music.

A feeling of peace fills my body, and I am able to turn out some of my best work.

But… your clients will fire you!

I do not want to give the wrong message. I strive to be available as much as possible for my clients. Night and weekend work and communication is fairly common for me.

But there simply comes a time, I need to fully unplug, for several hours to relax, and be more productive. Read more